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Our Facilities..

Animal Hospital Vicinity in Mundwa, Pune

Blue Cross Pound & Animal Hospital & Shelter

In 1995, the Blue Cross Society, appalled by the horrendous existing system of clobbering or poisoning stray dogs to a slow and painful death, persuaded the then Mayor, Mr, Shivarkar to implement the WHO recommended Animal Birth Control and Anti-Rabies Programme for stray dogs in the city. The Pune Municipal Corporation allotted 10,000 sq.ft. of land in the Naidu Hospital Complex for the operation theatre and kennels. From a modest beginning, the Blue Cross surgeons today operate on an average of 250-300 dogs per month. To date, over 20,000 dogs have been sterilised. The dogs, brought in by the Pune Municipal Corporation, are then neutered and released in the area from which they were picked up. The Animal Welfare Division ( Ministry of Environment & Forests, Central Govt.) reimburses Rs. 350 for each sterilization. However, the cost of feeding and caring for the dogs is met by donations from private individuals.

Dog Shelter

In 2002, the Blue Cross Society of Pune embarked upon an ambitious venture of building a state-of the-art animal hospital and shelter at Keshavnagar in Mundhwa on 100,000 sq. ft. of land obtained on lease from the Pune Municipal Corporation. The hospital complex has 2 operation theatres for large animals, a smaller one for small animals, an intensive care unit, kennels for pet dogs and a paddock .

What we do..

Hospital & its Facilities

1.ANIMAL BIRTH CONTROL + ANTI-RABIES (ABC + AR) PROGRAMME : Since 1995, the Blue Cross Society of Pune, in conjunction with the Pune Municipal Corporation, has been implementing the ABC+AR Programme , a statutory and mandatory programme supported by the Animal Welfare Division of the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Govt. of India, for controlling the stray dog population in the city. Nearly 20,000 dogs have been sterilised upto the year 2004 : an average of 250 to 300 operations are performed monthly. The number will substantially increase as soon as additional space becomes available.

2.VETERINARY HOSPITAL AND SHELTER with OPD, state-of-the-art facilities for diagnosis, pathology ,surgery and recovery wards, kennels for large as well as small domestic animals.

3.AWARENESS DRIVES : For educating the public about the laws related to animals , the need for neutering pets and strays, how to deal with hostile dogs and inculcating a love for animals.Anti-rabies vaccination camps and sterilisation drives.

4.REHOMING OF ABANDONED AND STRAY ANIMALS : Both puppies, kittens and adult dogs and cats are brought to the Blue Cross dog pound. Some are healthy , others emaciated or even sick and injured. We do our best to nurse them back to health and find new homes. Admittedly, this is an uphill task !

5.COUNSELING FOR PET OWNERS : Often, people who keep a pet have no former experience of handling animals. We believe that our volunteers can offer tips, advice and solutions so that owning a pet becomes an enriching and rewarding experience for the owners and neighbours alike and also prevents unnecessary hardships or even cruelty to pets.

6.WORKSHOPS : With the help of veterinary doctors, trainers and animal behaviourists, the Blue Cross periodically holds workshops on subjects such as primary first aid to animals, handling and training dogs to obey simple commands, .

7.VOLUNTEERS AND MEMBERS’ MEETS : In addition to the Annual General Meeting, Blue Cross members and volunteers interact from time to time for events such as fundraising, awareness drives, guest lectures etc .

8. SALE OF PRODUCTS : Products such as greeting cards, gift tags, book marks, pen stands, decorative paper bags ,stickers, caps and T-shirts.

How can you make a difference..

1. Become a member and spread the word amongst friends and colleagues.Any help, in cash or in kind is always welcome.
2.Donations : Cash / Cheque drawn in favour of the Blue Cross Society of Pune (( Donations made to this Trust are exempt from Income Tax under Section 80-G of the IT Act 1961.We are also authorized to receive donations in foreign exchange under the FCRA Regn.No. 08390315).
3. Donations in kind : Food grains,milk, vegetables, medicines, biscuits, old newspapers, plastic sheets, bowls, old furniture, cleaning agents, construction left overs.Equipment : incinerator, surgical equipment, kennels, cages etc.
4. Volunteering your services for any of our activities.
5. Making posters, pamphlets, film shows for our awareness drives.
6. Writing articles in the press to create awareness about animals.
7. Sale of Blue Cross Products.
8. Organising fund raising events.
9. Being alert about cases of unkindness or cruelty to animals, filing complaints, rescuing animals in distress and anything which will help us to improve the lot of our animal friends.

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