Tuesday, July 27, 2010

3rd Mixed Breed Puppy & Kitten Adoption Mela - Aug 08, 2010

On Sunday, 8th August 2010 the Blue Cross Society of Pune, in collaboration with Eukanuba Pet Foods and Petsworld organized its 3rd Mixed Breed Puppy and Adoption Camp from 10am to 4pm at Mrs. Erin P, Nagarwala Primary School, Kalyaninagar. The first two camps held in January and May 2010 evoked an overwhelming response from caring citizens. Thanks to first two camps, about 150 puppies and kittens, who would otherwise have ended up on the streets, found loving homes followed by an addition of 27 dogs and 19 kittens for our third one. Blue Cross offered free sterilization and anti-rabies vaccination at susidized rate for all street dogs and mixed breed dogs adopted during the Camps. A further discount on treatment at the Blue Cross Animal Hospital at Keshavnagar was offered to those adopting female dogs.

Since eight in the morning foster families who had been caring for stray or orphaned kittens and puppies started streaming in with their furry little bundles. The seven vets, Dr.Lochana, Dr.Deepa, Dr.Vimli, Dr, Aher, Dr.Mail, Dr. Disale and Dr. Kalapure were kept busy, checking the health condition of each puppy and kitten. The foster caretakers waited patiently for adopters who started coming in around ten o’clock.

Volunteers of all ages from age ten to sixty were stationed at different desks helping the fosters and adopters to fill up forms and undertakings and to complete the formalities. Representatives of 2 television channels and several newspapers covered this unique event.

People who already owned a pet can got their pets along on Sunday for vaccination at subsidized rates. The sponsors planned fun activities for pets and their owners, and got gift hampers and discount coupons. For the convenience of pet owners, pet accessories were on sale.


  1. A big thank you to all the volunteers who are working tirelessly to make this event a huge success. All the very best! Blue Cross rocks!

  2. My pomerian male eleven years old is in ill health and needs surgery can you collect him from my place and treat him.I am prepared to pay for the treatment.call me on 9422001786.

  3. Aparajita....thanks...we'd expected more adoptions though..

    Mr. Pawar: I am sorry to hear about the bad condition of your dog but the Blue Cross Society of Pune, does not provide any pick up or drop off facility. Kindly bring your dog to our hospital at Keshavnagar, we will treat it for you.

  4. hi iam Joshua & i had adopted a pup form the first adoption drive at Kamla Nehru Park now i need to get my dog sterialised ive tryed calling Dr Mali but not geting an appointment for the operation. my dog is already 8 months old. pls advice

  5. Joshua...sorry for the inconvinience! Please call Dr. Disare @9960879213 and tell him that Mrs. Paranjpye has directed you to him. If you can't reach him, I will give you another number for which you will have to email us @ bluecrosspune@gmail.com

  6. Hi, one of the stay dogs in my vicinity has given birth to 6 cute puppies. I wud like to give them up for adoption. please let me know when is the next adoption drive so that I can get them.

  7. sam, will let you know the details once the event gets confirmed.

  8. Dear,
    First of all gentle thanks for your noble work;
    I, Kirankumar ; have been in Pune for the last six months. I have observed that, there are many NGOs working for street animals but they are mostly unknown to most of the local public. One of the reasons I feel this is, because most of the information regarding the NGO is published only on English(English news papers & Internet), this keeps the local people, the ones who only speak Marathi, from knowing about the good work that the NGO does.
    I have an idea to deal with this problem, so if you would like to know more about it, please contact me.
    Hope to hear from you.
    Regards & Thanks,
    Student | MSc(CA) | SICSR
    Symbiosis International University
    Mobile-07208232632 | college email 10030142091@sicsr.ac.in

  9. Hi I'm samir i wanted to adop a adult dog huge size and if possible a rottwieler cross breed pls let me know hers my number 8796221982 .i will take all the responsibility of the dog if you have any dog with huge body and broad head plz let me know.if possible plz attache a pic to the blog