Tuesday, December 14, 2010

4th Puppy & Kitten Adoption Camp - The Sucess Story!

After getting 51 puppies & 15 kittens adopted on Dec 12, 2010 at our final Adoption Camp of 2010,  the Blue Cross Society of Pune has achieved 195 puppy & 55 kitten adoptions in the year 2010.

The camp had a huge response. Nearly 500 people visited the venue, some as volunteers, some as fosters, well-wishers and some adopters. The BCS is thankful to a lot of people who helped us in various ways.

1. Little school children Riya, Maya and Arman, who raised Rs 15,000/- in cash by selling cookies. The BCS bought 4 large cages from the money raised, which were very much needed at the Animal Hospital in Mundwa!

2. We thank Sheepstop T-shirts from whom we got merchandise at subsidized rates. Even though there was a time crunch, the T-shirts were printed, designed and delivered!

3. This is the second time The Doodle Factory helped us with the sale of their merchandise. The mugs, bookmarks and hot packs made a small contribution to raise funds for this NGO.

4. Lastly, we thank our sponsors Eukanuba Foods who sponsored our event for the second time. They helped us complete our last successful adoption camp of 2010. They added their charm by giving free gifts to people who adopted the little ones.

Alongside, we conducted Anit-rabies and 7in1 Vaccinations for subsidized rates for all the people who wanted to bring their cats and dogs.

The rest of the event rolled by successfully with counselling sessions, do's & don'ts before and after adoption, meeting new animal lovers, discussing newer opportunities to make the streets of Pune safe and animal friendly!

For more information, please email us at bluecrosspune@gmail.com


  1. You guys are doing really a great job...............

    Keep it up.......

  2. thank you Blue cross for organizing the adoption mela. Out of 7 stray puppies i got there,3 found home. :). Not many people are aware that they can get stray puppies there and if in god health, they can get adopted. Please highlight this in next mela ad/publicity. thx once again! -madhavi

  3. Thanks guys for all that you do for animals,I am highly impressed by your work.Hope we had an organisation like this here in Aurangabad where many homeless animals die miserably.