Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Adult Dog Adoption Camp August 2011

Arrival of the babies

Sorry for the delay in updates!! Well Blue Cross Society of Pune along with ResQ Charitable Trust had an adoption camp on the 7th of August, 2011, this time for Adult Dogs only!! Yes, this was exclusively for late Ms. Zareen Patels babies only.  The best part follows, we had 23 adoptions to homes, farmhouses and factories following the publicity around the camp, and still people are coming to us every day to adopt! So now, the count is down to 75!!

Ready to find homes

Each and every dog was so special and adorable. Dogs like Gazaell and Lara who had come out of the Camp estate for the first time were extremely shy and scared, were trying to hide under chairs and tables kept around. Shapu was a beauty. He was calm and shy, Pilli was an extremely playful. Few of them were in pairs, some in groups. Lara, female and Gazelle, male were 2-3 year old wherein Gazelle trusted Lara's instinct to trust people around. The family with a mother and three pups was extremely playful. And the list goes on....

The unique bonding which man has with dogs, made so many of passers by happy wherein some disappointed kids had tears in their eyes when their parents couldn't adopt dogs for them. So many mixed reactions but the camp ended up with creating new bonds and friendships to share on the day of friendships day.

I have a home now....yay!!

Incase you would like to adopt one, please call ResQ @ + 91 9373888500

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  1. Wht age minimum required for adult dog too put for adoption coz i have few stray dogs thy r less thn 1 yr n need home. I m taking care of fee pups n 6 adults can u hlp me too find yhm home!