Sunday, September 25, 2011

Anti Rabies Vaccination Camp - 25th September 2011

The Anti – Rabies Vaccination camp today was a woofing success!!!  79 animals were successfully vaccinated – 51 Community dogs, 15 Stray dogs and 13 Cats!!

We set up camp at Prime Real Estate in Koregaon Park Lane 7 for the people who wanted to bring their pets or strays for the vaccinations. Simultaneously the van did rounds of Koregaon Park and Kavde Vasti and provided on the spot vaccinations to the animals.

We covered 3 ‘basti’s’ on foot and got a wonderful response with a lot of people stepping forward to get their pets vaccinated and some even assisting the vet in holding the dogs and cats down for the vaccination injection.

An enthusiastic bunch of children ran ahead and identified the animals that required the vaccination and served as our guide through the pathways. Dogs and cats of all sizes were brought forward and were successfully vaccinated. Every vaccination was witnessed by an audience of atleast 20 little kids and adults!!

The caretakers of the animal were provided a Certificate to record the vaccination and duly informed about Rabies and its prevention.

All in all, we took a small step to ensuring Koregaon Park and Kavde Vasti a healthier surrounding and healthier animals.  

A huge thanks to all the Blue Cross staff and volunteers for making this event such a success.

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  1. Its a great event!!!!! I hope you guys will go in other parts of city as well in next campaign. I would also like to join in such events n loking forward for such happenings in pune....