Monday, October 17, 2011

High Spirits Fundraiser a Smashing Success!

A fundraiser was just what we needed and this one was a smashing success!!

Generous collections poured in as more than 250 people came down High Spirits to watch Taal Inc. and Hrishikesh’s Centre for Contemporary Dance rock the stage with brilliant sounds and graceful movements. Their beautiful performance was extremely enjoyable and kept the audience rapt for the ninety minutes that they showcased their brilliant skills. The rhythmic drumming and flowing dance moves had everyone pumped up. !

Along with the performance, a mini carnival - like section was set up where the stores Aura and Bliss set up shop and got some amazing responses. Aura displayed its beautiful clothes creations and Bliss offered crazy household knick knacks at affordable prices; shot glasses, magnets, coasters were never more fun.

Blue Cross merchandise was also sold alongside. Adorable mugs, cloth bags, colorful magnets, bookmarks and eye pillows added a certain charm that only such doodley merchandise can bring. Last but not the least, the ‘Old Books Fair’, proved to be a successful venture. A collection of over 500 donated books were put up for grabs and throw away prices and boy, were they grabbed up!

All in all this was one fun night, and not to mention a successful night as we raised a good amount of funds for Blue Cross to continue to do what it does best – help our speechless friends.

We would like to thank all the people who supported us and all our volunteers, without whom this night would not have been such a success, and of course, so much fun!!

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