Saturday, May 12, 2012

2nd Puppy and Kitten Adoption Mela May 2012

Law college Road (Canal Road)- 6th May, 2012

As we all know, every adoption camp is held to find loving homes for stray animals. The Blue Cross Society of Pune takes initiative in organizing such camps. After almost 3 months, it held its second adoption camp on 6th May, 2012 at Law College Road.  After the pre-event meeting on the 5th  of may 2012, where the volunteers discussed the venue, the right place was decided on. There were around 35 pups and kittens up for adoption. Most of the pups belonged to the FTII campus where they had been fostered and now brought to the camp. Apart from this, many other fosters brought their pups and kittens for adoption.

                                                         Sandra with one of her babies!

With our volunteers making a few last-minute preparations, the camp was all set before the arrival of fosters and their pets. To avoid the summer heat we decided to organize the camp in an area out of the sun and under some shade. Accordingly, canal road, was chosen as it was convenient for fosters to travel with their pets. When the fosters arrived at the camp they were pleased to see the efficient arrangements. A help desk was set up to assist visitors with queries. There was a booth where volunteers guided adopters about necessary forms and documents. There were two enclosures, one with pups and another with kittens. The Blue Cross merchandise booth sold ‘The Doodle Factory’ products consisting of fridge magnets, postcards, coasters, bags, mugs, bookmarks, t-shirts, and stamps. Around a 100 people attended the MelaMany kind people donated for the good cause. The shutterbugs were all over the place capturing innumerable beautiful moments. We also welcomed an Iskcon representative who came to witness the event. ( Iskcon is a Non Profit, Social welfare & Spiritual organization.)


    Volunteers with           Pups for Adoption!                 

The day ended with 10 pups and 4 kittens being adopted by some amazing people. Everyone was contented with the day’s accomplishments. Finally, all the non-adopted pups and kittens were sent to their respective shelters. The volunteers wrapped up the camp and called it a day.
The animals that weren’t adopted on that day, have other camps in store for them. So no worries!
NOTE : The next day, the event was promptly featured in the DNA newspaper, promoting the welfare of animals.

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