Friday, June 5, 2009


Green Day @ Blue Cross Hospital & Shelter, Mundwa on June 05, 2009 from 8:30am -12 noon

Green Day – what does it suggest? Just like we celebrate Diwali, Eid or Christmas, we decided to celebrate Green Day. It’s a small initiative by Crossbow club & Blue Cross Society, Pune to create awareness about importance of Tree Plantation & having pollution free environment. Today the major problem faced all over the world is global warming. So as responsible citizens we must take a critical step to protect our city and surrounding from the effects of global warming.

Our Intent

With the initiative of both Crossbow club & Blue Cross Society, Pune, around 60 of us planted 45 saplings, advantageously located in the Blue Cross Society Hospital & Shelter premise to provide more shade much needed for the animals. In addition to making a greener premise, our intent was also to prop up a natural habitat in order to attract more species of birds and insects. Having studied the soil, we planted trees like Spathodia, Cassia, Peltrophorum, Karanj, along with some medicinal plants like Tulsi, Lemon Grass, etc. from Anthara Farms. Each tree had a small expense of Rs. 200/- which was raised with a help of few volunteers & donors and some saplings from various nurseries.

Alongside the tree plantation project, Crossbow club arranged for a small excursion for 10 orphans from Good Shephard Homes to participate in the event. A small initiative to bring a smile and spread awareness among the budding folks.

Our Event

Our event started at 8:30am in the morning by taking a small tour around the Blue Cross Society premise. To make it fun and motivating we divided our volunteers & children in groups of 5, dug holes, planted trees under the guidance of Anant Farms and named trees innovatively. Followed by this session, Blue Cross Society volunteers arranged for homemade snacks & beverages to re-energize enthusiasts for the rest of the day. During this session we got to interact and mingle with 40 volunteers and other staff members who came from different institutions, organisations like Family Circle, Crossbow club & Blue Cross Society, Pune and not to forget the orphans from Good Shephard Homes. It was an initiative which left us something to learn, experience, realise and enjoy.


  1. wonderful event!!! thanks to tanmay for his photography!!

  2. very good event. thanks to tanmay for his photography!!