Thursday, September 10, 2009

Blue Cross Society of Pune & Rewachand Bhojwani come together on Sept 19, 2009

An Excursion for understanding the Animal World

The Blue Cross Society, Pune is an organisation that creates public awareness about kindness to animals. Not only does it provide medical treatment, care and shelter to pet, abandoned and stray animals but also tries to prevent cruelty towards them. As a team, we conduct several activities at our premise to promote causes related to animals and environment, to treat them in case of injury, to find them a good home, to shed light on the co-relation of animals with the environment and humans.

On Sept 19, 2009, the Blue Cross Society, Pune along with The Rewachand Bhojwani Academy came together to understand and help the most overlooked component of our society – the plight of urban animals. As a part of a curriculum activity for the students of standard 9 and 10 along with a few teachers of Rewachand Bhojwani Academy, visited the premise of the Blue Cross Society Hospital in Mundwa. With the help of a few volunteers, the Blue Cross Hospital staff and professionals in animation came together and offered these children a real life experience of looking after animals. The students learned about various issues related to animals in an urban environment and how they can make life easier for the animals and for the society. There was an interactive workshop with games and theatre activities conducted by Mr. Yogesh Fulpagar to convey compassion, kindness and respect towards animals.

As a sequel to this excursion, our volunteers, with the help of experts in baking, will hold a demonstration of microwave cakes for the students. Students will then bake cakes at home and sell them during the Diwali Mela in their school on Oct 08, 2009. The funds generated from the sale of cakes will be donated to the Blue Cross Society, Pune which go towards the cost of treatment and care of rescued and abandoned animals. Shortly after this event, the students will also be given a follow-up questionnaire about how they have contributed in their own way to make a difference to animals and the natural environment.

The event was a small initiative by volunteers of the Blue Cross Society, Pune and The Rewachand Bhojwani Academy to inculcate a sense of responsible pet ownership and kindness to animals amongst young students. We hope that this event will bring about an attitudinal change towards animals, for as Mahatma Gandhi wrote: “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

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