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Success of Dog Adoption Mela....Jan 31, 2010


On Sunday, 31st January 2010, the Blue Cross Society of Pune celebrated Animal Welfare Fortnight with an event at Kamla Nehru Park for promoting the welfare of street dogs through a unique mixed breed puppy adoption mela.

The Blue Cross, in collaboration with the Pune Municipal Corporation till date sterilised and vaccinated over 28,000 street dogs under the Animal Birth Control and Anti-Rabies Programme of the Govt. of India. However, puppies are still found on the streets, mainly due to irresponsible dog owners or breeders and the easily availability of food in garbage dumps. Many of these puppies get injured or run over.

The main objective of the Mixed Breed Puppy Adoption Mela was primarily to find homes for these orphaned and homeless puppies. This would also reduce the number of street dogs.

During the mela, which evoked an overwhelming response, with over 70 dogs finding homes. We were very happy to know that pune city has a huge amount of animal lovers. The prospective adoptive families were offered counselling and guidelines for puppy care by Blue Cross vets and volunteers.

Puppies were given free of charge. Even though all reasonable precautions were taken to ensure compatibility between the puppy and the family, Blue Cross volunteers will make follow-up visits and give further counselling if required. Puppies need time to adjust to new surroundings, food, people, and other stress factors.Underlying diseases and others conditions could get precipitated when exposed to large crowds, handling, transport, changed environmental conditions etc. We sincerely hope all families who have adopted a pup from us will keep in touch and feel free to contact us in case of difficulties. We are here to help them.

The second objective was to promote responsible dog ownership. The puppy care guidelines given to each adoptive family urge pet owners to vaccinate and sterilise their pets and give them toilet training not only inside the house but also on the streets. The Blue Cross Society offers free sterilisation and discounts on medical treatment at the Blue Cross Animal Hospital at Keshavnagar for puppies adopted from us.

The Blue Cross has always worked closely with the Health Department of the PMC. During the mela, citizens were encouraged to register their dogs with the PMC and obtain valid licenses.

We hope we have been able to create some public awareness with this event. We plan to have more adoption camps for these orphaned pups in the future.


  1. Where is the drive for adoption going on? I would really like to adopt one. I have a pedigree pet back at home and i want a friend over here in pune.

    1. Hello!!!! If you already do not have a pet from the adoption drive, please let me know...there are four beautiful pups that I am taking care of at the Symbiosis Campus, S.B. Rd. Pls take at least one of them....The campus admin will not have them around...They will be out on the streets soon...only at 2 and a half months of age...:( Call me at 9890219855....Thanks....

  2. Hello....

    The mela is going to be only for 1 day at Kamala Nehru Park on Prabhat Rd from 10am to 6pm on Sunday Jan 31, 2010. Please come by anytime between the specified hours.


  3. Need dog hostel. Have adopted a puppy on 31st Jan 2010. Nobody responds on your given contact nos. Need to go out for 10 days. Pls help.

  4. Hello Shilpa...sorry for the late reply!

    You can contact Mr. Bhosale @ 9822173722 or Dog Training Centre @ 9922429312 or 9822522128 or we also have boarding faciliyies at the Blue Cross Animal Hospital. Please call the hospital @65266491. Unfortunately Mr. Francis who manages the premises has met with an accident and is on leave. Please ask for Dr. Disale or Dr. Deepa.

  5. when will the next adoption mela be in pune

  6. Let us be encourage other people to attend like this. Bring their animals or pet and get membership.

  7. when will the next adoption mela take place in pune?

  8. Could Provide me the exact Address of Keshav Nagar Blue Cross Hospital.

  9. When will the next adoption and vaccine mela take place in pune

  10. Hi.. I have adopted a stray puppy... She is 4 months old . Given her the vaccination of 7-1 when she was 55 days old probably.. We dont take her outside as rabbies vaccination is pending.. Plz notify me what are the charges of rabbies vaccination.. At blue cross.. Is there any govt vet clinic in pune... Plz tell me. And when is your next adoption mela taking place... And r the puppies offered vaccinated? Thnk u.. Inform me on 9970997220.