Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Workshop on Dog Health & Training

As a part of our event after the Dog Adoption Mela dated Jan 31, 2010, the Blue Cross Society, Pune held a small workshop for all the wonderful families who adopted these beautiful puppies from us. The workshop was held at our Blue Cross Animal Hospital in Mundwa on Sunday Feb 28, 2010 almost a month after the adoption event.

The workshop was divided in to two parts. Dr. Lochana Baney & Dr. Aher conducted the first half which included the medical and health issues of dogs while Mr. Bhosale a very fine Dog Trainer covered topics on general obedience and training along with a demonstration on a 4 month old pup named Ginger owned by the Marathe family.

Some of the topics covered were by our vets were -
1. Symptoms of Illness among dogs.
2. Importance of Vaccinations
3. Feeding Schedules and the dog compatible foods.
4. General cleanliness and Grooming.
5. Signs of Maturity & Sterlization.
6. Exercise with regard to health.
7. Handling Incorrect Notions about animals, etc.

The topics covered By Mr. Bhosale were -
1. General Obedience
2. Toilet Training
3. Following Master and his Instructions
4. Importance of Exercise & Walks, etc.
5. Demonstration of Commands

The purpose of the workshop was getting the owner and the pet closer to each other. If one understands his pet, not only will the dog but even he can benefit in several ways. Always rememeber the words said by Josh Billings, "A dog is the only thing on earth that will love you more than you love yourself."

For further assistance from our vets, call Dr, Aher @ (0)9822299526 or Dr. Baney @ (0) 9823057399
In order to train your pet, please call Mr. Bhosale @ (0) 9822173722

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