Sunday, April 25, 2010

2ND PUP & KITTEN ADOPTION MELA...May 09, 2010 A Success Again!

On Sunday, the 9th of May 2010, volunteers of the Blue Cross Society of Pune organised an adoption mela for stray and orphaned puppies and kittens. In the campus of the Government Veterinary Polyclinic at Aundh. The event received an overwhelming response from citizens from various parts of the city who came with pups and kittens that they had looked after in their neighbourhood to donate, or to adopt a pup or a kitten or simply to volunteer.

Dr.Agarwal, Secretary, Animal Husbandry, (GoM), Dr.Zagde, Commissioner, Animal Husbandry, (GoM) visited the camp and appreciated the effort. This event was made possible due to the unstinting support of Dr Parkale, Dr Gaikwad and Dr. Mahajan from the Animal Husbandry Ddepartment. Assitant Medical Officer, Pune Municipal Corporation and chief of the Dog Squad, Dr. D.B. Pardeshi also visited the camp and encouraged the organizers. In order to promote responsible pet ownership, and for the convenience of the adopting families, the Pune Municipal Corporation been invited to make dog registrationforms available at the venue.

Pet Sitters, Girija Distributors, Pet Care and Pedigree partly sponsored the event.. Pedigree provided every adopted puppy with a free bag of dog food. Pet Care provided food supplements for these dogs. Pet Sitters which is a dog boarding facility distributed information about their facility. (For more information, log on to: Girija Distributors, retailers of dog merchandise also had a stall at this event. This event was made possible due to the untiring efforts of 30 volunteers from different backgrounds who came together to support this cause. After a stringent medical health check up of the pup / kitten by the Blue Cross vets, Dr.Baney, Dr. Pardesi, Dr.Mali, Dr.Aher and Dr.Disale and counseling by volunteers for prospective the adopters, 46 puppies and 16 kittens went home to their adoptive families. Along with its main work of caring for abandoned, sick or injured animals and implementing the Animal Birth Control and Sterilisation Programme, the Blue Cross Society, Pune plans to hold such adoption melas on a regular basis in its endeavour to give street puppies and kittens a place they can call home.


  1. When is the next adoption?

    please kindly send the information at

  2. Very well done folks. I visited the Adoption Mela and seen volunteers working in such a scorching heat. Hats Off to all of you. I have registered as a volunteer in the Mela and eager to work with you all.

    Thanks.. Keep up the good work.

  3. Sushrut: We don't know when the next mela will be, maybe in the next 2-3 months. I will inform you...

    Rahul: Thanks a will be informed about the next venture..

  4. Hi,
    I have a stray dog puppy(Dolly). It was hit by a two wheeler driver 1 month back. I have took good care of it and now it is very good, I have also got it through medical course and got certified. However I am a new immigrant in pune and work long hours, so cannot keep the puppy anymore. can you please help me get it adopted?

  5. Gaurav,

    It is very nice of you to take care of the puppy. Unfortunately, we do not have a place to keep the dog at the Blue Cross Animal Hospital but we have two options here. Please send me a picture of the puppy and I will put it up on our blog, also please sign up on, it will have a good chance of getting adopted.

    Secondly, we shall have another dog adoption mela sometime in the next two months. You can bring your dog for adoption then.


  6. Dear All
    i came to know that " Now pet dog too needs residential proof". I want to register my dog name. Kindly guide me......
    Send me the details on


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